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Hello and welcome to the new guestbook at The-Leader.com.

Feel free to leave a comment here to start a conversation.



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    • Gail Wenban

      This looks real current, the date above says January 29, 2008. The date I am typing this is NOVEMBER 26, 2012. I just tried to print an Obituary for a grieving Mother and after three tries, still got it with a SNICKERS advertisment printed across it blocking it. Your RAG is not worthy of the bottom of my birdcage. One more reason not to subscribe.

  1. Tony

    Congratulations to the Leader. They have finally accommodated the loyal guestbook contributors with a space for locals to express their views. May the good debates continue and the awareness of the world we live in be realized.

  2. Tom B

    Tony, We were ALL hoping you wouldn’t find the new guestbook.

  3. Nice to be able to talk to fellow corningites. I live in Tennessee now but was raised in Corning, went to East High and my family still lilves there

  4. Bev

    Good Job on the new website. I’m looking forward to reading it instead of the Star Gazette. Keep adding to it so it stays fresh.

  5. sam

    nice to see that people have to leave an e-mail addy……no more false id’s congrats leader

  6. Newsjunkie3333

    I hope this is an instant posting instead of what they used to have. Like the new format of the site.

  7. Roger Hickok

    Yes, thanks for creating this generally accessible medium to post our thoughts and opinions for all things Corning. I lived away for 23 years and this is a great opportunity to get back into the thread of the community.
    Now, as for the cleanup effort at the former Fallbrook plant area. There are two issues being presented here; 1) the potential waste cleanup; the cleanup effort is a requirement regardless of what happens in the future to the lot. and 2) the reality of any business entity setting up shop in this flood-zone, which is why the Corning hospital will not move there; then why would anybody ever place their business in (potentiallly) harm’s way. Which is why I suggest proposing a beautification effort there rather than trying to attract business. Even with the offered tax-breaks it would be foolish to setup shop there.


  8. TTH

    Nice job on the site. I hope you start to publish more articles. The previous site was very limited.

    Good luck.

  9. Tony

    Tom B: I am not glad that you welcome my thoughts and opinions. I look forward to future debates. With which topic shall we get the ball rolling? Your choice.

  10. Dick

    Roger is along my thinking – just connect to and expand Riverfront Park – put in a walking/jogging trail, flower gardens, a low hedge labyrinth.

    Make it open, yet easily policed.

    Keep it green!

  11. Roger

    My, my, my, the Leader is making a move to the 21st century. I haven’t digested all of the changes to fully comment. In all it is a nice start. Still light on content availability but they will get the hang of it.

    One glaring ommission and deletion from the previous page that needs instant change. They removed the ability to leave comments on specific stories. The Corning Talks section is nice and filled with blather. The real interesting stuff was in the previous web versions comments on stories. Case in point. The recent East-West Girls basketball game. The Leader story was vanilla with no feel left for the game. The comments section to that story was excellent. The comments detailed the brutishness and unsportsmanlike atmosphere in the gym and inparticular brought by Heather Reynolds and Bill Pierce. Both should be suspended.

    Please bring back the specific story comment function Corning Leader. That is where the word is.

  12. TTH

    How would a flood impact this area any more than those across town? Is there really any difference from Tioga ave to Dennison when it comes to flooding? Really? How about Corning Headquarters, Wegman’s, YMCA, East High School…..

  13. Green T

    I agree with Roger that I would like to see the ability to leave a comment directly under an article. It really doesn’t work very well to put thoughts on specific articles in this setting. This section is more condusive for a blog type setting.

  14. Drew Lobo

    The difference between a regular business and a hospital in terms of siting in a flood plain are multiple. Two significant differences are: 1) hospitals often have sub-grade work areas (basements) that most businesses don’t have and don’t need. These areas would be more sensitive to flooding. Thus most commercial and industrial structures are constructed as slab-on-grade or similar. 2) A hospital has patients not customers. Many of the patients are relatively immobile (elderly, sick or injured) and either cannot be moved or must be moved with great care. In the event of an emergency, such as a flood, it is relatively easy and quick to evacuate a commercial or industrial structure of employees and customers. However, evacuating a hospital full of patients would be much more difficult. Thus, while the Fall Brook property could easily be redeveloped for commercial or industrial purposes – similar to all of the other uses along both sides of the river – a hospital, long term care facility or nursing home would not be a prudent use of the site.

    As to turning it back into permanent green space, we in the Southern Tier are blessed with abundant natural resources within a few minutes drive (or bike ride or walk, depending where you live). Having 15 acres of green space along the river is a nice touch but certainly not a necessary one. Personally, I would much rather see the property put back into a productive, revenue-generating use that would contribute economically to the area. In addition, with the Pressware plant directly adjacent, it would not make sense to use this space in a manner that wasn’t consistent with the surrounding and historical use of the property. Remember, it was a railroad yard going back into the mid-1800’s before Corning took it over in the 1920’s.



  16. Roger

    Mr. Lobo, thanks very much for the insight as to the unique requirements a relocation effort to the Fallbrook lot that Corning Hospital holds. Obviously, you make good sense about these issues and raise awareness as to why other businesses might succeed there. All in all, I still opine that extending the Centerway area and Riverfront Park is a good idea. Perhaps the city and Corning, Inc. could partner up in a “green” effort there. A nice jogging/biking trail leading to/from downtown, and also the YMCA, would be nice for the community to enjoy, moreso during the warmer months.

  17. lucy

    hey what do you all think about that teacher that was caught in a sexual act at a rest stop?

  18. Jim

    Congrats to The Leader on the new format and special kudos for the local weather that includes a new animated regional & national map.

  19. Jim

    congrats to The Leader for the new website format and special kudos for the revamped local weather that includes an animated regional and national map.

  20. Congrats to The Leader on your new website format and special kudos for the local weather section that includes an animated regional & national map.

  21. James

    A few thoughts about this new site.

    GateHouse Media, Inc from Fairport is the company in control of the site. They also host the newly-redone Evening Tribune site (Hornell paper). The design of the site appears to be fairly common throughout all of their online newspapers – so don’t expect the Leader Online to have anything above or beyond what other online newspapers have. I’m guessing that’s why the article-based comment section is no longer.

    Speaking of which, I often enjoyed reading the comments more than I did the articles. I’m also a web programmer and understand (a little bit) your decision to move the blogging to a WordPress platform, but… that doesn’t mean that I can’t miss what we used to have.

    RSS feeds? Awesome! For anyone who has no clue what RSS is I suggest doing some research. iGoogle or RSS Bandit (amongst hundreds of software options) will make your personalized news feeds much more accessible. I can get the Top Stories on my homepage or on my iPhone automatically now. Cool 🙂

    A lot of customization is lost when you don’t have a web programmer in-house.

  22. Congrats to The Leader for your new online format and a special kudos to the weather section that includes a new animated regional & national map.

  23. okay so this new leader i dont like.. the classifieds are alwayes empty so how are we suppost to know anything? and also cant see the births anymore. so what is this gunna be how the leader online is gunna be for now on or what?

  24. Richard from NY

    Oh please this site is a waste of time. This blog is a waste of time. Bu-Bye Leader Online. You just took 3 steps backwards, you blew it.

    I too would rather read the comments on the article, than the article itself a lot of times. It gives insight into what the community is thinking.

    Why would you switch to a single blog format? This is a step backwards. The Regret might not look as pretty but at least the commenting,/ forums are active and more informative.

    Color me gone Leader, you lost another set of eyes for your advertisers.

  25. Peg Easton

    Congratulations on the new Leader format on the internet. I read it every day to keep in touch with home town folks.

  26. jdad

    I agree with annonamise. The new Leader web site is more user friendly than the last, but there is never any info on it. Let alone, updated info. NO classifieds, births and the news stories do not update as they happen as does the Star-Gazette site. The only thing that seems to is a few daily headlines. Do people have to submit their classified info directly? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that The Leader is improving and I know things take time. I will keep checking back and I hope that things will improve.

  27. linda

    yea i agree there are no job listings or merchandise for sale I rather buy the leader now than go on this waste of time website bring back the other one please

  28. Hport Reader

    Yeah not impressed with the new layout but I’m guessing they changed it maybe because they were loosing actual sales. I am more upset about the lose of the comments to the articles that were published a couple that I was really interested in was the 911 article and the one that was published the day before this change about Hport School closing it’s middle school.Being a taxpayer I am curious how other people felt about it. As for me I am undecided for the moment. How about it Hport.

  29. maudbid

    Still a fairly worthless site for online news.

    And this comment section, how do we have a conversation about the contents of an article, or a topic of local interest? It isn’t obvious to me, not sure if I should waste my time trying to figure it out.

  30. feedback

    This new website sucks. You click on Sports and there isn’t even anything dated for today. There are only 3 articles relating to news. You can’t leave comments under the articles anymore. To put it simply: Not enough News, not enough Sports, not any cohesivness to leaving comments about specific articles, equals not any reason for me to bother with this site. The Star Gazette’s website kicks your butt!!

  31. DB

    Kudos to the Leader. Good look on the new web site. And, Tom B, I couldn’t agree with you more. But, it does show that he is able to navigate a web site. Maybe there is hope that he could work his way out of that liberal mind set he has.

  32. bepark

    We live in Florida And we think the new format is not good.There is not much news about our home area Corning and surrounding area. Maybe take clues from The Elmira paper.

  33. sunlicks

    I like the new site. Now I can read the articles without having to see just how mean spirited most people are. It seems if you have a problem or just want to see how mad you can make people this is the place to go. I do agree however that it would be helpful to beable to start a thread and keep it going. It would be the best of both world. Everyone can have their say and if you want to read it you know where it is.

  34. Sports?

    Does anyone know what happened in sports last night? Apparently nothing because the last sports article that is on this site is from 2 days ago. All of you people that actually like this new site must live a sheltered life under a rock, strangely with internet access. Must be their plan was to have a site that nobody will go to so then they will have to buy the paper.

  35. Sirius

    Tha ability to post commesnt directly related to a news article was much more FUN and promoted better exchange and insight into opinions and feelings. Leader, please, put it back.

  36. Sirius

    On the reassessment. I agree with folks who are mad about paying more. One thing they NEED realize it’s about FAIRNESS. TODAY its REALLY UNFAIR.

  37. Sirius

    For years I have been paying a LOT more than neighbors with very similar properties. The difference is, I JUST moved into the area and I was rewarded with a reassessment to a little higher than the sale price. FAIR? Hell no. But that aside, NOW IT’S TIME FOR OTHER FOLKS TO STEP UP AND PAY THEIR DUES…LIKE the rest of us.

  38. well about the truck following the student that is something to hear about again it was going on last year as well with me and some friends from east but it was a van same color and a male but he followed us after school and to school for days on days and we finally were scared to walk and made my brother walk us but we never reported it cuz we did not get a lisence plate number or a good look at the driver but im wondering if its the same guy……

  39. LJ

    the only people that dont have to pay for crap are the generation welfare lazy bums and thats how it will be until the end of time!

  40. Laughing

    Wow! 1 comment in 5 days!!! Looks like this is a real success! Leader get a clue, you messed up with this ‘Upgrade’. Sure the site looks good, but it is useless… actually less than useless..

  41. corning2

    Laughing I have to agree the site looks ok, but there is nothing in it. Guess I’ll have to read the Star Gazette, and believe me that is a rag.

  42. kat

    the mis-leader always has been always will be. have been looking for the corning indoor track results for high school and of course there is nothing about it in the sports section. waste of my time to even type the-leader.com in.

  43. In Shock

    Don’t know why but saw Coleman & Co. Sunday PM…..Coleman, Coccho,Acomb & Kingsley.
    Much addo about nothing! The four of them don’y know diddly. I say put a TENT OVER THAT CIRCUS.

  44. If you have been away for a few years from corning you would not know corning today.Gone is the fallbrook and machine shop .Gone is kentucky fried chicken and all the business on that block.St.Pats is closed now so that area is still there but is like a ghost town there.The painted post circle is gone and it very nice there now to get around .They will finish it this year.There is new buildings going up at sullivan park.More jobs for those who have a college degree.Homes here are pretty cheap but the ulitilies are very high .Taxes are very high all over .Corning and surrounding areas are a good place to raise a family .This place is not a exciting place ,sort of quiet and most of us like it that way.

  45. royce d louy

    Small town likewise with the paper
    Besides they are hardly making it now dont expect too much This is true with some big town rags ,too
    Recently saw Corning after many years!!!!!
    Mark Twain was right dont ever go back to your hometown

  46. Homesick

    I have just read the comments as of today (2/19/08) and I am both angry, disgusted, and ashamed. Most of you have applauded The Leader for this web page and so do I but to those of you that did not, I say shame on you. Some of you make hateful comments from out of state. Why did you leave Corning? Obviously, you didn’t care to stay so what gives you the right to criticize these changes? I had to leave Corning when my parents moved west and for health reasons, I’m unable to return. But I’m glad to see The Leader trying to bring an old and peaceful town into the 21st century in a manner that is not too shocking to the systems of those that are content to live a quiet life in the midst of this chaotic world. Time changes things as Larry points out but at the same time, things stay the same. Those of you who are complaining, I ask what you are doing to make it better? I know. NOTHING!! If someone gave you a check for $1,000,000, you’d complain that it wasn’t in cash.

  47. Sick Of Home

    This is my first visit to this website in about 4 weeks and I just have to comment on Homesick’s statement. You can tell that you are not from the area. Throwing your own comments out there and not even knowing what is going on. If you would have read the actual comments, rather than just wanting to put your 2 cents in so that you feel important, you would realize that people are just saying that the new website does not give the previous website’s dedicated users the ability to share comments about certain articles in a manner that makes sense. Also, you would have realized that by people stating their opinion that the new website sucks, they ARE TRYING to make it better. And you are wrong again, if someone gave me $1Million I would only complain about the taxes I would have to pay back to the government. Don’t bother typing a response to me, because I won’t be back to this website.

  48. sue zinck

    Hi! everyone in Corning. I am looking for a relative her name is Tony Zinck. If you know where she lives could you email me and let me know or tell her, her niece Sue Zinck is looking for her. I am also looking for a friend name Lisa O’Dell she used to live near the corning hospital in 2004. Thanks to all who respond with honest inquiries to my request.

  49. mike berleue

    great web site grew up in corning nice format too bad some popele found the new site haha

  50. Tom Birdsall

    Hey BiLo,
    Last I knew, you never grew up, period.
    How are you anyway? I think I heard you were living in Fla. Hope you’re doing well. My brother gets on this site occasionally as well. Do you get to Corntown at all?

  51. What ever happened to the archives?

  52. mike berleue

    hi how r you yes we were up that way saw dick n tina how r you bylo great to hear from you we love corning

  53. Anthony

    Way to go Leader. We are now able to post comments under related story. Any other positive changes coming?

  54. eileen

    hey how about something for the teens this spring and summer ,the ymca has middle school dances we need something for the older teens ,ages 15 to 18 there would be alot les trouble (centerway,walking on the streets) these kids are bored why dont we just try..theres no excuse.not all kids play lacrosse… every other town has something and theres always going to be a few bad apples,that’s age old ,come on,as a parent i know they need it .lets discuss it. they are worth it,and you know boredom always leads to trouble at this age group

  55. cleveind1

    Hey how is everything in the capitol of depression, the frozen arm pit of society?

  56. cleveind1

    Hey folks, I am in Florida now

  57. sue

    What do you think about all the publicity going on with all these cases in the area? I know a family who really needs some assistance with some serious cases in a small town like murder and Harassment and hate crimes. Do any of you know of any good attorney’s ? Let me know. Anyone care to comment?

  58. cleveind1

    I am lol too Eileen

  59. cleveind1

    Hi Eileen

  60. Tom B

    Glad to see they hid this comment section so well nobody uses it anymore.
    What happened to Commie Tony and GreenTeeth?
    It’s always good to hear from Sammie Goodel and his world travels. Come on, lets get this thing going.

  61. Tony

    Hi Tom, I am still alive and well. I have been busy reading commie propaganda so that I can come up with some more radical ideas i.e. universal health care, responisble enviroment policies, ending unjust wars, etc. I find the comment section to be rather poor. I have been censored in all of my posted comments! I think that I will return to this forum to start discussion. Are you open to do that? I think that it is good to hear all sorts of voices and opinions, including those I do not agree with, so people can see the different angles. I hope to hear from you soon. Peace.

  62. Pothole Hell!

    So what is the deal with Corning’s Public Works Department? If they are not going to fill the potholes that are growing deeper and more destructive by the day, then I propose that we send our car repair bills to them and file a police report for vandalism. I have never seen a town like this where the roads and infrastructure is so ignored. There is a traffic light on Market Street that services the enterance to Corning Inc. parking that has been a blinking yellow light now for 2 weeks! I have had many near misses already just trying to leave work! WTF?

  63. Tom B

    Peace to you as well Tony. I enjoy hearing other points of view. As I get older, I find I’m more open to listening to “the other side”. Not that I plan on changing my my basic beliefs and politicial philosophy, but I’m willing to listen.
    Tell me you thoughts on Reverend Wright. I’m anxious to hear what you think of his comments.
    Aside from all the “he has a right to say whatever he wants”, I think he fits into the same category as Farahkan (sp) and the other hate spewers. They’re not happy unless they causing problems and trying to divide the world into black and white, or should I say black against white.

  64. Tony

    Hi Tom, sorry for the delay. Rev. Wright is an interesting character who has expressed some powerful opinions i.e. “God damn America” and “we have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans”. He makes some good points but his method of communicating his message is too harsh for some of white America to feel sympathetic. I do not think that he is trying to divide the world into black and white. That was done for him long ago on the slave ships that crossed the Atlantic and later on during the segregated American society of the 1900’s. We have to recognize that there isn’t just one America but rather many faces of America that are very much unequal. So long as we allow inequality to remain within our government and society we are going to have citizens, like Rev. Wright, that express themselves in ways that will get the attention of the nation. I tend to agree with what he says but I would suggest he alter his approach towards being heard…too bad the media won’t listen to him unless he is making “radical” statements because if he is “civil” it won’t attract viewers. Here is a video from youtube that highlights some of his speeches.

  65. ?

    A vote for obama is a vote for racism. America deserved 9/11? The US cooked up aids and systematically infected blacks? My first 2 experiences with racism directed at me came from blacks and it was violent and scarred me for life. When the black man decides to educate himself and not look for a hand out I will begin to care about what blacks think. When they are spewers of hate and racism, I could care less what happens to them as an individual or as a race.

  66. Tom B

    I don’t agree with anything he says or the way he says it. It’s his sort of message that will undo any advances made in equality issues since the turbulent 60’s. I believe there are many faces of America, but to spew hatred as he has does, does more harm to the efforts to make those differences cultural instead of societial and does nothing but show him as a racist. Do you think he actually believes what he says or just says things to draw attention to himself? America doesn’t need the Rev Wrights of the world. The devil disguises himself in many ways.

  67. Leader Censorship

    I have placed 3 comments attached to the story of the golf pro Ochoao who dropped out of the LPGA. My comments referred to the fact that I have heard from past pro’s who played at the LPGA in Corning that they would not be back to Corning due to harrassment by the local police who are trying to make up for their little egos by targeting the pros. All 3 comments have been removed from the article. They were not profane, they did not slander any one by name, they only stated what I just did, that the Corning Police are to blame for top pro’s dropping out. It appears to me the the Leader is censoring our comments, what is the consensus of this online community in regards to the Leader censoring our words? I for one find it un-american and potentially worthy of a lawsuit. I could see if I was spewing filth or slandering individuals by name, but censoring innocuous comments has got me riled. Your thoughts please.

  68. Tony

    Dear ?: It seems that your first two experiences with racism has, in your mind, justified your own racism towards blacks. One does not choose to educate themselves in many cases. One must have the resources and availability to do so. It is clear that minorities in the US and A have a raw deal when it comes to education. When education is free and equal for all, I mean from Kindergarten-Ph.D., will we have such a chance to see the “races” rise and develop together.

  69. Tony

    Dear Tom,
    I am trying to process your last post, specifically your distinction between culture and society. There can be many cultures within a society and many societies within a culture and for this reason I am not sure what you are getting at. I do think that Rev. Wright believes in what he has stated. I have a feeling that many people, most being non-Americans, share his opinion. Considering that most of the five billion people in the world live under the American Empire, I can understand why they might feel that way. America needs the Rev. Wrights of the world in order for us to discuss topics that have been neglected, even if his methods are radical. In terms of the “devil disguises himself in many ways”, I would ask that we leave our religious convictions on the side. Peace be with you.

  70. Tony

    Dear Leader Censorship,

    I, too, have experienced instances of censorship when commenting on articles. I have yet to be censored under the “Guestbook” page. As the rules work with the articles, any one can censor you by “flagging” your comment. I think that once it is flagged your comment goes into a cyber abyss that the Leader never looks at. You have to make your point here in the Guestbook and hope that people see it. The Leader needs to change this policy and review all flagged posts. But yes, the Corning Police are fascists, just as most pigs are, and will continue to be. We will see if this post is censored.

  71. cleveind1

    Hi, Ron nicer in Florida isn’t. Got to get the Imp here.

  72. Why do you repeat the names in the Obit over over ???

  73. Tom B

    They probably don’t have anything else to do so they just sit around and type in the same names over and over again.
    They probably don’t have anything else to do so they just sit around and type in the same names over and over again.
    They probably don’t have anything else to do so they just sit around and type in the same names over and over again.

  74. cleveind1

    Tom B, must be they dont have anything to do and just type in stupid things like you.

  75. cleveind1

    Miss the McClintock’s nothing like that atmosphere here.

  76. Tom Birdsall


  77. cleveind1

    Hey folks go over and watch the river, remembering June of 1972

  78. Maranda

    Does anyone know when the fireworks in Corning is being held?

  79. Maranda

    Wishing Kathy Spears of Avoca a Happy Birthday tomorrow! (June 24th!) Happy Birthday Mom!!
    We hope you have a wonderful day and know that your family loves you deeply!!
    Lots of Love!!
    Stacy, Maranda & Darian

  80. Hello, my name is Robert Barker, and I am searching for a Robert White, who lived in Corning in 1991. The reason I am searching for him is personal, but I assure you it is good news.

    The website listed is a YouTube video that has a picture of him and his daughter, I believe her name is Elyssa (Unsure of her last name.

    If you know of this gentleman, or know how I can reach him (or how he can reach me), please respond, or send mean Email at zenreaper@sbcglobal.net or at whitesearch@sbcglobal.net

  81. cleveind1

    Come on folks, put some comments on here.

  82. Duke

    I agree, let’s get some discussions going, like can anybody tell me why Rev Jesse Jackson will not admit that he is a racist? He can stand anybody that is not pure black, not even poor ol’ Obama.

  83. Brian Holly

    I’m coming to Corning tomorrow for the first time in a dozen years or so, for my 40th High School reunion (East ’68 — Go Trojans!). Would like to meet up with some old family friends if possible. Does anyone have contact info for Janice Weisenfelt, formerly of Painted Post.
    Brian Holly

  84. Tomb

    Hey cleveind1–hows FLA? Getting hot this time of the year? We had out 3 days of summer up north and it was wonderful.
    We were all reminded of the flood of 72 watching the plight of the people in the midwest this spring. They seem to get it worse and worse every year.
    I remember packing sandbags on the Bridge Street bridge the night of the flood. The water was just a foot or so below the high(middle) of the bridge and one of the Corning cops—I think it was Bobby Russo came up and said, get to high ground–the dam broke in Tioga and there’s a bunch of water coming. We lived on the corner of 1st and State St and we watched the whole event from the back porch. I woke my parents up and we watched the water sweep the railroad cars off the railroad bridge and pushed them into Centerway bridge and the horror of southside Corning–at least what we could see looking north from our vantage point–disappear.

  85. cleveind1

    Hi Folks,everyone stiil bored

  86. cleveind1

    Come on people speak

  87. cleveind1

    Comeon Folks let’s talk.

  88. Tony

    OK, this is for those of you that are bored and have a knack for political, economic, and cultural commentary. This article is called “Unhappy America”. Let’s start a dialogue on the topic. Read the article and we can get started.


  89. Tom B

    Interesting article Tony. I think the last paragraph is the most important. We have to learn from our mistakes and find a way to move ahead. I like to take the approach “lets not worry now how the mule got in the ditch, but lets fund a way to get him out of the ditch”. I don’t hear anything tangible from either presidential candidate on ways to fix some of these major problems. Gove’t bailouts won’t work on the economy. Fannie and Freddie have been in trouble for many, many years and the gov’t passed laws that allowed them to dig bigger and bigger holes. I’m becoming more and more of a privitization advocate than ever before. Whether its Social Security or running airports, the gov’t is proving to me time and again that it simply cannot effectively be in the business of doing business.
    Yout thoughts……

  90. Tony

    hi Tom, thanks for your time and thoughts. I also agree with you, we must learn from our mistakes as a global society if we want to maintain capitalism (in general), which isn’t looking too good at this point. The idea of privatization is in the opposite direction of what is needed. Remember, capitalism doesn’t recognize humanity, rather raw numbers that do not always help the people. Look at our economy. It keeps growing yet the average worker is feeling the pinch due to free market fundamentalism, which is due to the deregulation of markets. Without our government involvement we are at the mercy of business, which is merciless. Personally, I am a libertarian (read: anarchist), wanting to live without government limitations, rather grass-roots organized assistance, but we must function within the existing system as it is and work to evolve it…into an anarchist system, if at all possible.

    I am blue. Are you?

  91. Tom B

    This forum gets a lot of use!

  92. cleveind1

    I can watch grass grow faster than the amount of repliescoming in.

  93. Trina B

    I found this forum tonight. Tom Birdsall, unbelievable! I am sure you remember me—we went to school together and lived on the same block growing up. Your sister Mary was a friend of my sister’s, Dana. Carrie B lived upstairs over your grand father’s store. Where are you living?

  94. Tom Birdsall

    Drop me a line at tjbirdsall@hotmail.com and we can get caught up on the past 30 some years.

  95. cleveind1

    Hello Folks> Why is no on here?

  96. Duke

    Because everyone in Corning is dead to the outside world.

  97. Trina B

    Tom B. I just sent you an email. You still living in Corning? I left in ’82 and have only been back to visit a few times. I’ve lived in FL, NC and PA. My sister, Dana’s son, Ricky, lives in Elmira with his wife and 2 kids. My brother lives in Binghamton. Email me at tbauer55@gmail.com and let me know what you’ve been doing since the flood of ’72.

  98. Adrian

    My dad, Adrian Whitten, grew up in Corning, on Baker Ave, and had relatives on Ontario Street and parents on Pritchard Ave. He’s 81 years old now and too ill to use the computer himself. I just showed him this web site for the Corning Leader to see if it would bring back any memories. When I saw this feature I thought it might be worth a try to see if anyone he knew would see it and perhaps post a response. Even just a hello would be great. He had a good friend I remember he called Moe Carr, but I think Moe is his nickname. Dad went to Northside High and played on the football team. While in High School he worked for Mr. Stookey at Corning Glass Works. Thanks in advance for anyone who might remember knowing him. Happy Holidays to all!

  99. Tony

    Well…winter has long since settled on the Twin Tiers so now might be a good time to start our discussions again. Any proposed topics? Obama, Messa, wind farms, financial crisis, Iraq, Afghanistam, Iran, trashing golf courses, etc. Where shall we start?

  100. Dana

    FYI, just wanted to let everyone know that Geoff Moore, a graduate of East High class of 94 is on Jeopardy this week. He has won twice now. Tune in to see a how far he gets.

  101. C.J. Yorke

    Greetings, I just want to say that I have recently discovered a very nice gem in your town. Actually it is in South Corning CBC plaza. It is Big Paul’s Bar-B-Que. If you have not been there yet you don’t know what you are missing. It is a rare find indeed. They are the working mans friend no doubt about it. If you are looking for a great meal at a very fair price then you need to stop by his place and be very pleasantly surprised. Be prepared to get addicted as you will be back again and again once you try it.

  102. PostScript

    A new Weight Loss Challenge is about to begin and who better to set a great example for the community than the two top city leaders: Mark Ryckman and Tom Reed. Both are relatively young men with young families and both are tremendous assets to our city. BUT both need to lose about 100 pounds if they want to live long enough to see their future grandchildren and to continue to serve the city. Perhaps they could engage in a friendly competition to see who can reach the magic number first or who can lose the most weight. Both men are obviously capable of meeting a challenge. How about it guys?

  103. marmaduke

    Who cares how heavy they are. Typical of why people move from the area.

  104. I guess

    Why is the Catholic Church one of the sponsors for the benefit for the Sorge Family? Is All Saints going to have a benefit for the 600 plus folks going to be laid off from Corning Inc. Probably won’t happened. Guess the Sorge Family donates more than I do.

  105. Probably

    They probably do and probably have for a very long time. Since when is it wrong for a Catholic Church to be involved in a benefit to help someone out? And I would guess that if you want to organize a benefit for those workers, or anyone else you think needs help, they’d be receptive to being involved. The cynicial view people like you take for something that should be viewed as a positive step for the community is a major part of whats wrong today.

  106. SHOCKED

    Recently I had an opportunity to hear the Corning-Painted Post school District’s policy on head lice and I must say that I was appalled. Having gone through the frustration and many hours of work to eradicate the little beasts from my child and home, I was surprised to find out that the school nurse was Not able to check the other students in the elementary classroom. The district’s policy states (as read to me by the school nurse) that 3 children must be found with LIVE lice in order for the students in the class to be checked and a letter to parents is then sent home. Even if lice eggs (nits) are found on any number of children, NO notification can be given to anyone. I find this policy to be detrimental to all students and as a parent who has gone through it, frankly, I would think that parents would want to know!

  107. I guess

    640 people laid off and having a fundraiser for The sorge Family, who probably has Insurance. Ask the 640 people if they can make do on unemployment insurance.

  108. I guess

    Don’t see anyone giving a rebuttal. Ask if the 640 people being laid off can pay theis mortgage

  109. Lefty

    Hey Guess, Stop crying about you and your buddies being unemployed because I thought all those democrats and unions were going to see to it you would never have to “work” again. Like the rest of the lemmings you fell for the bait. But you keep electing them.

  110. Tom B

    Dear Guess,
    You didn’t get a rebuttal because you didn’t ask any of us if we were going to pay our mortgage, you asked if the people that were getting laid off would be able to pay their mortgage payment. I just assume they would. I also would assume that when they negotiate their contracts and they get more and more money and more and more benefits, they would sock some away for a rainy day. I know I do and my guess is that Mr. Lefty does the same. But here’s your rebuttal anyway,
    You think its unfair that the Catholic Church helps out the Sorge family because they may have had insurance coverage. I think the Catholic Church sponsored the benefit and probably didn’t have much in the way of money to contribute, but they put their powerful name and the power of prayer behind a cause and a family that has been a part of Corning tradition for the better part of 60 years. Some how you think thats wrong because you didn’t see them sponsoring a benefit for the laid off workers. Did you go to the Catholic Church to ask them to sponsor a benefit that YOU had organized and set up, or is it just someone elses responsibility to organize these things? Did any of the laid off workers look into taking advantage of the services the Catholic Church offers to people that need help? Like Catholic Charities, The Catholic Outreach programs or any of the other ways the Catholic Church helps the community? Did you ask the Catholic Church to help these people? Perhaps the Catholic Church should have tried harder to have some effect on the economy so these layoffs wouldn’t have had happened in the first place. No, you didn’t get a rebuttal because your question is ridiculous. Making something bad out of something good doesn’t deserve a rebuttal. You wanted to know before if the Sorge family donates more to the church then you. I’ve known the Sorge family for 40 years and I have no clue how much they donate to the church, nor do I care. I do know they are fine people and if you showed up at their door needing help, they wouldn’t hesitate to help you out. And I don’t think the Catholic Church looks at how much someone puts in the collection basket before they decide to lend a helping hand. Churches help people and sensible people don’t find fault with that concept. You seem to continue to find fault with it, hence your continued proding to get a response. Well, you’re not getting much support here, but if you do get that benefit organized, post it here and I’ll be happy to buy a ticket and support the cause. I’d bet Mr. Lefty will too.

  111. I guess

    Who cares about a Corning Tradition for 60 years. Ask the guy that gets laid off if his family can eat, pay the mortgage, or buy perscription drugs.

  112. I guess

    Must be some of you got a free meal

  113. I guess

    Tom B. come on the Catholic Church does not look at how much a person contributes. I can tell you are brain washed.

  114. I guess

    Still no on can answer.

  115. I guess

    Yes they do, esp. if they cant feed their families.

  116. cleveind1

    Come on lets talk about issues here.

  117. Iguess

    A Preservation and Historical Grant? What is historical and and preservation about a new building for Sorge’s Restaurant. A new building and Apartments? I remember when people used Insurance and took out a Mortgage for this. I guess times have changed. Hey City Fathers my House needs painting, it is 60 years old can I have a grant?

  118. Ann

    Talk about an issue…how about the school principal in Hornell charged with 2 class D Felonies, but she is still able to take her annual Myrtle Beach vacation over spring break with her court date smack in the middle…oh, yeah, that’s right she’s flying home so she can make it court. Nice. Tax payers dollars at work once again.

  119. Iguess

    Instead of the big foot story, what about a story on corruption in the City. What are you afraid of?-

  120. Iguess

    I guess no one can defend the grant going to be given to the Sorge’s

  121. Iguess

    I am sorry for the Rockwell Family. Hey let us face it he made his BIG BUCK from the people of the area. Why doesnt The Leader recognize the men and ladies that give up so much of their time for Little League, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc. I had the privelage to know folks in a great deal of Charities and never heard them to be a Titan. They just didnt have the MONEY that some people do.

  122. Iguess

    My Dad said it best in the 60’s Corning will have no jobs it will be just a tourist trap. When are the signs going up for north of the border. Five yearsago my Family left and never regretted it. Just feel sorry for the people there.

  123. Old Timer

    For Iguess:
    Do you get the impression that most people don’t agree with your cynical view of things? As is evident by the responses to your post, noone really cares about your opinion. Surely there are son positives you can take out of something. First it was the Sorges and then Bob Rockwell. Get a life.

  124. Iguess

    No I do not have a cynical view of life. I just want to recognize the everyday people that do not contribute cash , but people that contribute time to various organizations and do not get recognized in the paper. Old Timer you must think if you have money you are the greatest.

  125. Old Timer

    No, I don’t think that. I don’t think if you have money you’re bad either. There aren’t many people around Corning that were given anything. Most worked for what they have. Corning was built by hard working families over the years. Sure, some did better than others and as in any case there were those that seemed to be in the right place at the right time, but to hold contempt for people because they’ve been able to make more money than you or others is just wrong. You apparently have something against those people. The Sorges for example were hard working people. They built a nice restaurant, put out a good product for a reasonable price and over the years have been good members of the Corning community. They employed many people over the years and took good care of them. Bob Rockwell started his department store on a whim and a prayer and made it successful. Sure he sold a product to the “people” and made a profit. He used those profits to start his collection of old west memorabilia and put it on display for all to see and enjoy. I can tell you of a dozen instances, and I could name names, but I won’t, of families he helped when they were in need. People that needed clothing or furniture after a disaster, he was there and never asked for a penny.
    You ask why the leader doesn’t recongize the people that give their time to other organizations? Well thats not news and The Leader is in the business of selling NEWSpapers. I’ll also add that I’m one of those people. I have worked with Little League for more years than I want to remember as well as other organizations. I get my recognition from the satisfaction I get. I don’t want, and my guess is neither do the others, special recongition.
    You are cynical. And as long as you compare people by how much money they have and not by the good they do overall, you’ll be an unhappy cynic.

  126. Tom B

    He won’t reply. You make to many good points and you’re right about him.

  127. Judy Dickinson

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported the LPGA Tour over the past 31 years. I have some great memories of the area, the town, the volunteers and the tournament. It was a place I always looked forward to going back to. Thanks again for all your support.

  128. matt york

    why is it you can sponsor the kid but not mention him on your website or not be on the front page of your paper. while your competitor has a article on theirs.the way i see it you being the editor of the paper you dropped the ball on that one just a observation feel free to explain yourself and actions or should i say lack there of.

  129. matt york

    why is it you can sponsor the kid in the 2009 spelling bee but not mention him on your website or not be on the front page of your paper. while your competitor has a article on theirs.the way i see it you being the editor of the paper you dropped the ball on that one just a observation feel free to explain yourself and actions or should i say lack there of.

  130. Rick Humphrey

    In regards to the picture on the front page of the May 26 edition. I am sure that Ernie Kelley enjoyed watching the group of people riding horses, but I am sure that if you asked Mr. Kelley what he was saluting, he would tell you that he was saluting the American flag that one of the riders was holding, not the riders, as the caption suggests.

  131. Jeanne

    Dear Ricky-the-retard:

    Are you SURE? Horses are good.

  132. Iguess

    Ahh yes Tom B. I will reply, Old Timer needs to take some reading comp. courses. You must of went to St. Mary’s

  133. 1happywaitress

    How a person tips is a window to their soul and personality. I have waited on alot of important individuals in Corning, NY and Frank and Betty Coco are wonderful tippers. When they walk in the door – my day is made.

  134. Joy Hodges

    Went to the Steuben County fair to see John Michael Montgomery. Concert was very good, crowd was decent for a change….what bothered me was something I observed before and during the concert. Two sheriff’s deputies had obviously been given the “task” of escorting Mr. Montgomery back and forth from his bus – for over an hour before the concert we got to watch our tax dollars in action…on their cellphones and spitting on the ground. I work in the medical field and know how nasty spitting is for more than one reason – it was worse seeing it from someone who was in uniform. I didn’t see any reason for this behaviour. Were they there on their own time – no, and even if they were as long as they are in uniform they need to set the example.

  135. Iguess

    Hey Tom B., Where you been? I must have changed your mind.

  136. Tom B

    No you didn’t. You’ll never convince me that your negative, cynicial view of things is the way to look at things.

  137. Iguess

    No cynical view of feelings here. All I said was Number 1, Why was All Saints Church having a fund raiser for the Sorge Family? Doesnt Insurance take care of the needs? Number 2 Why should the City of Corning give a grant to build a NEW RESTAURANT and BUILD APARTMENTS on them? Doesnt the Insurance rebuild the Restaurant and the Sorge Family invest in the Apartments? Who receives the rent the City? Number 3 I just asked Why doesnt the average Joe receive the publicity Robert Rockwell did? My Folks and yours bought enough from the store. Money talks. Not that amount of publicity from someone that has done Charity Work, with Kids etc. I think you should take a reading comprehension course

  138. Iguess

    100,000 Dollar loan and a 10 year reduction in taxes. If my house in the City of Corning burnt down my Alderman would not even stop by.

  139. Honest Guy

    Another Tunney

  140. Honest Guy

    If he is such a great Attorney, Why doesnt the DA resign and the two of them start a Law Firm? Wait I have to pay him if He doesnt.

  141. IGuess

    Stop DWI. The Tunney Family. Come on John, why did you appoint your Son. Waiting for your answer.

  142. Iguess

    Doesn’t anyone here discuss?

  143. Iguess

    No one can speak. Where are you Tom B.

  144. Iguess

    50’s look for Sorge’s? Are the Apartments that the Corning Citizens are paying for ( with the grant money ) going to be a 50’s motif too.

  145. Mark Rohde

    The school board has come up with a few good options for us to think about , how ever with all the talk about what to do with the different buildings in our district I seem to have missed the plans for the old Painted Post High School . Does any one know what the district plans on doing with this building ?
    Would hate to see it be left vacant and turn into an eyesore for the neighborhood.

  146. Iguess

    Let’s build a Arena, like Elmira, buy a Hockey Team, rent rooms above all the fine establishmets on Market Street, designate a Offical Restaurant for All the Players. No better yet how about Pro Hockey on the mighty Chemung. Save the cost of an arena. Great idea, the City Fathers can use it.

  147. Tom B

    Dear Iguess,
    And you don’t think you’re cynicial? Life must be hell for you. Not a single positive thing in any of the comments you’ve posted. Pissin and moanin about everything. Did you notice when people stopped posting to this board? Right about the time you started.

  148. Iguess

    No Tom B. people never posted to this board. I guess you cant stand the truth. The City of Corning doesnt care for the little guy like you. It only cares for who can line the pockets. Hey no issue with you.

  149. Tom B

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thats one thing you and I can agree upon.

  150. Iguess

    You are right, that is what my opinion was all along.

  151. Iguess

    Come on Folks, different thinking is ok.

  152. cleveind1

    Happy Halloween from Florida to everyone, esp. to The McClintocks Folks

  153. cleveind1

    Hi Folks how is everyone up North, great weather here, in the low 80s

  154. Iwin

    I guess the Hospital Admin. forget when the Doctors were on First and Second Street. Come on folks provide for the part time posisition of a Chaplin. If you do maybe it will save some lives with a friemdly voice. If there is no money maybe the ADMINISTRATION can take a paycut to make us a Great Hospital. Administration waiting to hear

  155. Iwin

    Don’t the CPD and the City Father’s have anything better to do ( like cut down on crime ), than to have the Police pick up signs. Any signs from the last election still out .

  156. cleveind1

    Don’t the people in the Corning City School District care for the Educational Future for their children. The two middle schools should of been taken off the CCSD Prperty Rolls years ago. Please to all the Seniors not wanting to let them go. time marches on.

  157. nofoxteeth

    Since we can’t comment on articles (bad management idea), I would like to point out something about the Corning Building Company vs. Teamsters union article. Your reporter stated that there were 8 union members picketing… he should have checked that, because some of the picketers were outside agitators, not affiliated with the Teamsters or CBC. It appears that since many of the workers left the union and accepted a reasonable offer from the company, there may be another agenda here overlooked by your staff.

  158. Iguess

    Must be the people that took the socalled reasonable offer are SCABS

  159. Kochsman

    Why have this site on here? The Leader has done enough to keep it out of view.

  160. cleveind1

    The Leader realy buried this site.

  161. Candy

    Well Corning Inc at it again, another lost job of someone who has worked for the company 25 years only to be replaced by a friend of a manager… my book is going to be a tell all. anyone willing to share stories??? i am into chapter 5….

  162. cleveind1

    Come on Leader, leys build up this site

  163. Zodostisp

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